Fiberglass Boat Repair: Is Your Boat Ready for Summer?

March 15, 2024 by
Shahzad Sarwar

Owning a fiberglass boat offers an exhilarating experience on the water, whether you're cruising along serene lakes or tackling the waves of the open sea. However, just like any vehicle, fiberglass boats are susceptible to wear and tear. Though fiberglass is exceptionally durable, your boat will still likely require periodic repairs to maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Luckily, many (if not most) gouges, scratches, and other types of damage can be repaired easily and economically by a fiberglass specialist.

Types of Fiberglass Boat Repairs

Fiberglass is durable and lightweight, which makes it a popular material choice for boat construction. It is not indestructible, however; boat owners may encounter a range of damage that occurs naturally over time or in response to sudden impact. Some of the most common types of fiberglass boat repairs occur as a result of :


Impact Damage: Collisions with submerged objects, docks, or other vessels can result in cracks, dents, or punctures in the fiberglass hull.


Gelcoat Damage: gelcoat, the outer layer of fiberglass, provides protection and a glossy finish to the boat. Over time, exposure to sunlight, abrasion, and chemicals can cause the gelcoat to fade, crack, or blister.


Structural Damage: water intrusion, osmotic blistering, and delamination can compromise the structural integrity of the fiberglass, leading to weakening of the hull and deck.


Stress Cracks: stress from flexing or impacts can manifest as hairline cracks on the surface of the fiberglass, which may also indicate underlying structural issues.

Fiberglass Boat Repair Process

The exact process for repairing your fiberglass boat will depend on the extent of the damage, where it is located, and whether or not there are other areas to be fixed. In general, however, fiberglass boat repair will involve a few simple steps:


Assessment: your fiberglass boat repair professional will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle to determine the nature of the damage. He or she will help you identify any other areas of need and ask if you would like these to be addressed as well.


Preparation: the area will be thoroughly prepared to ensure seamless application and proper adhesion of the new fiberglass.


Repair: depending on the type and severity of damage, various techniques may be employed, such as fiberglass cloth and resin application, gelcoat repair, or structural reinforcement.


Finishing: once the repair is complete, the surface is sanded, polished, and refinished to match the surrounding area, restoring the boat's aesthetic appeal. The best fiberglass boat repair is so seamless that you cannot even tell where the damage was in the first place. 

Can You DIY Fiberglass Boat Repair?

You may have come across a DIY fiberglass boat repair kit online or in a specialty store. While you may be able to successfully repair small, cosmetic damage to your boat, we highly recommend leaving more complicated repairs to a professional. Structural issues and large gouges require training and expertise. Professional fiberglass boat repair will ensure the following:

Quality Results

Professional fiberglass boat repair technicians possess specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in fiberglass repair techniques, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting results.

Proper Equipment

Repairing fiberglass boats often requires specialized tools, equipment, and materials not readily available to DIY enthusiasts and that will save you money in the long-run. Fiberglass Worx, for example, utilizes a ceramic coating in our repairs that prevents oxidation and is resistant to algae and grime. Most importantly, it also helps protect the gelcoat from UV damage. Once the coat is applied, all that is needed in terms of routine care is a simple maintenance wash every 8-10 months. That peace of mind is worth it all on its own!

Structural Integrity

Professional repair technicians can accurately assess the extent of damage and address underlying structural issues, safeguarding the safety and performance of the vessel.

Aesthetic Appeal

Professionals can seamlessly blend repairs with the existing structure, ensuring a flawless finish that enhances the overall appearance of the boat.

Protected Investment

Fiberglass boats are a big expense, often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Unless you were particularly savvy, you wouldn’t DIY repairs on an expensive car, would you? Your boat deserves the same professional care so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

Fiberglass Boat Repair in Denver

Boating season is upon us! Let the professionals at Fiberglass Worx ensure your boat is ready for the warmer months. We offer the highest quality exterior repair and detailing services, as well as interior detailing to get your boat shining inside and out. Our techs are knowledgeable, courteous, and conscientious: we treat each project with care and the utmost attention to detail. We also offer a variety of packages to accommodate your specific needs and budget. Call or go online today to get a free quote.

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Shahzad Sarwar March 15, 2024
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