Boat and RV Fiberglass Repair

The go-to destination for comprehensive care of your cherished vehicles. We bring your damaged fiberglass back to life, making it robust and gleaming again. Our team of experts excels in restoring the strength and beauty of your boat or RV, employing advanced techniques and superior materials. Don't let minor damages become major issues. Let us patch up the wear and tear so you can continue your adventures worry-free!

RV fiberglass being repaired

 Revive Your Ride: Top Quality Fiberglass Repair for Your Boat and RV

Our team of highly skilled technicians specializes in fiberglass repairs for boats and recreational vehicles, ensuring that your prized possessions stay in top shape for all your adventures.

Understanding Fiberglass Repairs

Fiberglass is an excellent material for boats and RVs due to its strength, lightweight, and durability. However, even the toughest materials can succumb to wear and tear. We offer comprehensive repair services for a variety of damages, from minor chips and scratches to major cracks and structural issues.

Our Fiberglass Repair Services

We handle a range of fiberglass issues including:

  • Hull repair for boats
  • Surface repair for RVs
  • Structural fiberglass repairs
  • Fiberglass polishing and buffing
  • Custom fiberglass work
  • Gelcoat repair and refinishing
    • Note: Fiberglass Works reserves the right to educate the customer on the color difference between new gelcoat and old gelcoat. Our services do not guarantee a color match between the two. Please contact us for more information.

Why Choose Us for Your Fiberglass Repairs

With years of experience, our team is equipped with the expertise and the latest tools to provide top-notch repair services. We believe in open communication, explaining every step of the repair process to our customers and offering fair, transparent pricing.

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