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Your shield against the elements! We provide top-notch RV Roof cleaning, sealing, and protection. Drive safe, dry, and secure!

 Is your RV roof showing signs of wear and tear? Has unexpected hail damage left you worried about leaks and potential water damage? Don't let a compromised RV roof put a damper on your adventures. Fiberglass Worx, your trusted partner in RV repair, provides comprehensive solutions for all your RV roof needs. From minor repairs to complete roof replacements, our team of certified technicians possesses the expertise and experience to restore your RV roof to its optimal condition, ensuring a safe and leak-proof journey for years to come.  Check out our packages below and call today for your free estimate. 

RV Roof being repaired

 Basic RV Roof Package

  • Professional pressure wash and scrub: Thorough RV roof cleaning to remove dirt and grime.
  • Application of Dicor Rubber RV Roof Guard: Your roof is protected from harmful UV rays to prolong its lifespan.

 Super RV Roof Package

  • Application of Decor's Acrylic Roof Coating: Our team applies this unique, industry-leading product to create a strong, resilient coating for your roof.
  • Comprehensive Roof Resealing: We ensure every seal on your roof is effectively resealed, providing an extra layer of protection against weather elements.
  • The Dicor Promise: As stated by Decor, their Acrylic Coating is a specially formulated high-solid elastomer system. Its exceptional properties include superior weatherability, ultraviolet resistance, fire retardancy, elongation, flexibility, and adhesion. Not only does it renew the surface of your existing roof, but it also enhances its aesthetics, providing an impressive, durable finish.

Upgrade to our Super Roof Care Package for a combination of protection, resilience, and great look for your roof.

RV roof coating being applied
RV Ceramic roof sample

Ultimate Roof Care Package

  • Advanced Ceramic Roof Coating: Our package includes a superior-quality ceramic roof coating, ensuring the highest level of protection.
  • Specialized Roof Cleaning: We utilize Decor's specialized roof cleaner/activator, meticulously cleaning your roof before the application of protective coatings.
  • Installation of Rubber Roof Coating with Ceramic Microcells: Enhance your roof's resilience and longevity with our advanced coating enriched with ceramic microcells.
  • Comprehensive Roof Resealing: We scrutinize and reseal every seal on your roof for absolute weatherproofing.
  • The Decor CoolCoat™ Promise: As stated by Decor, CoolCoat™ is a revolutionary 100% acrylic elastomer coating system, enriched with MicroCell components. It effectively reduces thermal transmission, keeping the interior of your RV cooler. Lab results show a 29% reduction in heat flux transfer, ensuring your RV interior remains comfortable even when the exterior roof temperature is significantly high.

Choose our Ultimate Roof Care Package for roof protection, reducing heat transmission and ensuring a comfortable interior temperature.

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