Boat Detailing Service

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Boat interior detailing 

Boat detailing removing oxidation

Boat Detailing Services 


  • Comprehensive Services: Dive into a range of services including thorough washing/waxing, professional buffing, ceramic coating application, gel coat correction, stubborn oxidation removal, bug eradication, and canvas cover cleaning.
  • Customized Care: We view each boat as a unique project, tailoring our services to meet its specific needs. Whether it's a fundamental wash or a full-scale exterior restoration, rest assured, we've got your asset covered.
  • Tailored Pricing: For pricing perfectly suited to your needs, please reach out to us via phone or email. We prioritize your boat's condition and look forward to restoring your boat to its original shine together.

Boat Interior Detailing Services 

  • Broad Spectrum of Services: We provide services from a basic interior vacuuming and disinfection to a very thorough interior detailing package, involving steam cleaning viny l& carpets, deep cleaning of all compartments, deep cleaning of floor, and restoration of interior fiberglass surfaces.  
  • Industry Certified Products: Rest assured, we only utilize top-tier, marine-specific products for interior detailing, ensuring your boat's interior shines as brilliantly as its exterior.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand each boat's unique needs, hence we customize each interior package according to your specific requirements.
  • Custom Pricing: Contact us via call or email for pricing information tailored to your needs. With us, your boat is in expert hands.

Boat interior detailing service
Boat ceramic coating in process

Boat Ceramic Coating Package


  • Time-Saving Solution: Invest more time enjoying the lake and less time maintaining your boat. Our Ceramic Coating package offers a convenient solution to keep your boat looking showroom fresh for years.
  • Optimum Protection: This coating not only prevents oxidation and keeps algae and grime at bay, but also offers unparalleled protection to the gel coat from the most harmful element - UV rays.
  • Minimal Maintenance: With our Ceramic Coating package, all your boat needs is a simple maintenance wash every 8-10 months.
  • Custom Pricing: Reach out to us via call or email to get a price tailored for your boat's specific needs. Enjoy the lake, leave the upkeep to us!

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