Fiberglass Worx Makes RV Body Repair Seamless!

February 7, 2024 by
Shahzad Sarwar

Don't Let a Bump in the Road Derail Your Adventure:

Hitting the open road in your RV is all about freedom and adventure. But what happens when an unexpected encounter with a rogue branch or a too-tight parking spot leaves your RV with a less-than-stellar body? Fear not, fellow adventurers! Fiberglass Worx is here to get your trusty rig back in top shape, no matter the damage, with our expert RV body repair services.

More Than Just Patchwork:

Whether it's a minor scratch, a gaping tear, or extensive structural damage, our team of skilled technicians are Michelangelo’s fiberglass repair. We wield our expertise and top-notch materials to restore your RV's body to its pre-accident glory, ensuring both aesthetic perfection and structural integrity.

RV Insurance Claims: Your Ally on the Road:

Accidents happen, but dealing with insurance claims shouldn't be another bump in your journey. Fiberglass Worx is your one-stop shop for stress-free RV insurance claims. We work directly with major insurance providers, handling all the paperwork and communication so you can focus on what matters: getting back on the road.

Why Choose Fiberglass Worx for Your RV Body Repair?

  • Expertise: We're not just handy with tools; we're fiberglass specialists, understanding its unique properties for a perfect repair.
  • Seamless Insurance Claims: We handle the hassle, leaving you free to focus on your adventure.
  • Transparency: We provide upfront quotes and keep you informed throughout the repair process.
  • Quality Workmanship: We use only top-quality materials and guarantee our repairs for your peace of mind.

Beyond body repair, Fiberglass Worx offers a range of services to keep your RV looking and performing its best:

  • Gelcoat Restoration: Remove oxidation, scratches, and faded paint for a showroom-like shine.
  • RV Detailing: we will make sure that your RV is shiny and ready for the road.
  • Boat Body Repair: Your boat may need work as well, do them both at the same time!

Don't let a bump in the road derail your adventure! Contact Fiberglass Worx today for a free estimate on your RV body repair and your boat body repair. Let us handle the repairs while you gear up for your next epic journey!

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Shahzad Sarwar February 7, 2024
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