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Unveiling Fiberglass Worx's Premier Packages
July 15, 2023 by
Shahzad Sarwar

Owning an RV is a gateway to endless adventures and unforgettable experiences on the road. To ensure your beloved recreational vehicle always looks its best, Fiberglass Worx proudly presents a range of comprehensive RV Detailing Packages designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Let's delve into our exceptional offerings and choose the perfect package for your RV.

1. The Essential RV Detailing Package: Keeping It Clean and Spotless

Our Essential Package is the foundation of a well-maintained RV, comprising a meticulous set of services tailored to deliver a clean and presentable exterior. With the Essential RV Detailing Package, you can expect:

  • Exterior Pressure Wash: Bid farewell to dirt and grime as we perform a thorough pressure wash, leaving your RV looking fresh and revitalized.

  • Slide-outs Cleaning: We ensure no dirt or debris jeopardizes the functionality or appearance of your RV's slide-outs, keeping them in pristine condition.

  • Window Cleaning: Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with spotless, streak-free windows that showcase the beauty of your surroundings.

  • Wheel Well and Tire Cleaning: Safeguard your RV from rust and corrosion by eliminating harmful substances from the wheel wells and tires.

  • Wash/Wax Soap Formula: Our specially formulated soap cleans and protects your RV's exterior, preserving its shine and allure.

Choose the Essential RV Detailing Package to keep your RV in top-notch condition, ensuring a clean and well-maintained exterior.

2. The Super RV Detailing Package: Elevate Your RV's Shine and Protection

Upgrade to the Super Package for an enhanced RV detailing experience that includes all services from the Essential Package, plus additional benefits:

  • Roof Cleaning: We eliminate grime and dirt from your RV's roof, preventing potential damage and maintaining its integrity.

  • Wax or Ceramic Spray Application: Protect and nourish your RV's exterior and slide-outs with a layer of wax or ceramic spray, ensuring long-lasting shine and defense against the elements.

  • Tire Shine Application: Add a touch of brilliance to your tires, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your RV.

  • Hand-Washed Wheels: We treat your wheels with care, ensuring they are cleaned and preserved to maintain their luster and durability.

  • RAINX Window Treatment: Improve visibility and water repellency by coating your windows with RAINX, keeping your RV's windows clear during inclement weather.

Upgrade to the Super RV Detailing Package for an immaculate exterior and enhanced protection.

3. The Ultra RV Detailing Package: Unleash the Full Potential of Your RV

For a comprehensive transformation and an RV that gleams with pride, choose our top-tier Ultra Package. This all-inclusive package encompasses all services from the Essential and Super Packages, plus additional luxurious treatments:

  • Exterior Pressure Wash with Bug and Road Debris Remover: We give your RV's exterior a meticulous pre-soak to rid it of stubborn contaminants, ensuring a thorough cleansing. Specialized RV soap is then used to wash your RV, leaving it immaculate.

  • Roof Washed and Coated with UV Rubber Protectant: We go the extra mile by cleaning your RV's roof and applying a protective UV rubber coating, safeguarding it from the sun's harmful rays.

  • Full Exterior Polished: Experience the transformation as we perform paint correction to address minor scratches and swirls, restoring your RV's exterior to its former glory.

  • Slide Outs Cleaned & Polished: Your RV's slide-outs receive special attention, ensuring they are cleaned and polished to perfection.

  • Wax or Ceramic Spray Application: We apply premium Maguire's Flagship liquid wax or ceramic spray to your RV's entire exterior and slide-outs, providing unparalleled protection and a stunning finish.

  • Emblems, Plastics, and Rubbers Washed with Conditioner Applied: Every detail matters. We wash and condition all emblems, plastics, and rubber elements, keeping them looking like new.

Upgrade to the Ultra RV Detailing Package for a truly transformative and comprehensive RV detailing experience.

Contact Fiberglass Worx at 303-585-0515 to discuss your RV detailing needs and discover the package that will elevate your RV to the next level. Trust us to provide unrivaled craftsmanship and expertise, ensuring your RV shines on every adventure.

Shahzad Sarwar July 15, 2023
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